Bogus Handyman Failed to Steal Safe in an Old Woman’s House

There is a reason you should only hire a qualified, reliable handyman if you need one in Los Angeles.

In Long Eaton, England, a man posed as a handyman to steal a safe from an old woman. The report said that the bogus handyman told the pensioner that he was clearing out a gutter in the area. After he had talked his way inside the woman’s property, he filled the bucket up with water and left.

The old lady realized that her safe was moved but not stolen by the bogus person.

It is a story like this that will give you a warning not to choose just any person to do minor renovations to your property. Apart from becoming a victim of thievery, you also may end up overpaying for a shady work quality.

A safe, reliable handyman, on the other hand, can give you, not just high-quality work, but also a reasonable fee.

Choosing the Right Handyman in Los Angeles

When you need someone to do a minor renovation to your house, you must opt for a reliable handyman. And the first thing that you must do to find that person is to ask your friends or colleagues for referrals.

Many of them have already a contractor that they frequently contact when they need a handyman for an individual task.

Now, if your family and friends can’t give you a contractor, you may want to consider looking for one online. One of the best things about looking for a handyman in Los Angeles online is that you can read reviews from other people.

For example, you can go to review sites, like Yelp, to help assess a contractor. You may also check the contract’s website. However, reading a third-party review is better to give you a clearer picture of what to expect when you hire such contractor.

Then, check the Better Business Bureau’s site. Make sure that the handyman does not have pending or past complaints. If there are, you may read the details of the issue. Check this site, too, to before you even call the handyman and ask a quote for your project.

Bogus Handyman Failed to Steal Safe in an Old Woman’s House

Another way to make sure that the handyman is reliable and qualified professional is to get estimates from various handymen. Ask them to come to your house and bid on the project. Never choose a contractor with the lowest bid. Instead, opt for a professional who can give you the most considerate rate.

Choose a handyman who is insured and bonded. Then, opt for a contractor who can offer you a detailed written contract, which can protect you if that person fails to perform the specified task.