How to Prepare Your House for El Nino

How to Prepare Your House for El Nino?

El Nino causes wet and stormy winter in some parts of the US. The odds of having extreme weather events are high.

There is no way to tell whether or not your location will be affected by El Nino. Regardless, now is the right time for you to prepare your home for whatever extreme conditions that this climate pattern may bring.

At LA Painting Handyman, we give you our professional handyman tips on how to prepare your property located in Sherman Oaks, in the case of intense rain.

With these tips, you can be sure that your house is rain-ready, and the water will remain outside, rather than leaving you in a mess.


It is a method that seals up gaps around your doors. Weatherstripping is affordable and easy. What it does is that it keeps the cold air out. Although you can install it yourself, it is highly recommended that you choose a reliable handyman to install it correctly for you.

The handyman in Sherman Oaks can provide you the right weatherstripping materials.


It is also cheap and easy to do. Just like weatherstripping, caulking is also used to protect your windows from the cold air and moisture. It seals the perimeter well so you won’t get cold.

Check your appliances

Make sure that your devices are working in a perfect condition. You can’t easily call a handyman during an extreme weather condition.

What if your house needs repair?

Before a severe weather condition caused by El Nino comes in, you need to prepare your home so it can withstand that condition. And if your house needs repair, you must call a professional.

How to Prepare Your House for El Nino

When you call a handyman in Sherman Oaks, it is ideal that you ask the professionals’ experience and their past projects they have worked on. And make sure that they are insured. It is important to remember that a handyman does not have to undergo a licensing examination.

However, a handyman must have a business license and insurance.

If the professionals can show you their past experiences/projects and they can answer your questions about what they do/how they do it, then you can feel safe when they come to your house and perform some tasks.

Preparing your home for El Nino with the help of the handyman in Sherman Oaks will not only protect your family during severe weather, but it can safeguard your property against any disasters that may strike.